Affiliate Programme Types


UAGTRADE offer various partnership types, suitable with the experience, knowledge, needs, and the capacity of different individuals or organizations.

Regional Business Partner (MIB)

In order to participate and become a Regional Business Partner (MIB), the partners must be an experienced individuals or organizations in managing and promoting the brokerage in their own region. In accordance with the title, Regional Business Partner (MIB) with all the knowledge required in industry, can work under our brand, offer their services on the territory of their region, as well needs to oversees all the activity and growth of their networks.

Senior Business Partner (GIB)

UAGTRADE partner program allows organizations and individuals around the world to be remunerated not only by bringing clients, but also developing market leaders. Senior Business Partner (GIB) works together with us to create, manage as well as administrate others known as Business Partner (IB), per group or by class, in order to grow the business in great extent.

Business Partner (IB)

Our introducing broker program meet the needs of offline and online marketers, affiliates, and promoters by paying top commissions for referred clients. With the best commission structure and products, we can help and work with you to achieve your targeted and expected revenue. Business Partner must co-operate with their Senior Business Partner (GIB) in order to grow as well as taking care of their clients, assist them when needed, and make sure they stay updated with relevant information.

Fund Managers & Partners (PAMM)

We provides the platform for both fund managers and partners to work together. Only fund manager with proven trading record 1 year and above will get necessary appraisal in order to trade on behalf of investors. Fund manager can work with either specific team or individuals, or any open partners to promote capital management services and find investors. In return, PAMM partners can get a portion of profit sharing without the need to trade and only bringing in investors or funds, depend on agreement with the specific PAMM fund manager.