CopyTrade is a social trading platform, a technology that enables traders, experienced or new alike, to take part in the financial markets by having their trades executed by seasoned traders with proven track records.

Minimum investments

Participate in financial markets with investments from 100$.

Social trading

Join a huge community of experienced or new traders and investors.

Multifunctional control

Control every stage of your investments, risk and fund allocation.


Create a portfolio

Create your own portfolio, demonstrate your technique and eventually results, track the progress and connect with others

Earn additional revenue

Take action by not only managing your own account, but also allow others to copy the trades and get performance fees


Copy and earn like a boss

Sign up and follow any strategy you wish, access your own account to monitor and learn the trades

Get detailed information

Browse the list of top managers, check their statistics and pick according to your risk appetite

How to Copy Trade?

  • Either you want to become as follower or manager, you can directly join via the  dashboard area at the Copy Trade section.

  • For manager, UAGTRADE accept any application of trader with minimum 3 months (1 quarter performance) trading records with us for approval.

  • For follower, the minimum amount needed to start is 100USD* (*depend on minimum join balance set by the manager) , unless stated differently.

How Copy Trade works?

In CopyTrade, there can be as many as follower to follow the manager. Their capital amount to start trading can be either same or different. As their capital and risk appetite may be differ between one and another, so each trader are responsible to manage and control their account settings.

Follower need to set these followings

1. Sharing type

  • Autoscale equity = to copy proportionally to equities of manager.
  • Autoscale free margin = to copy proportionally to free margin of manager.
  • Sharing full = to copy with the same volume as manager’s trade
  • Sharing fixed = to copy fixed volume determined by follower.

2. Multiplicator/Fixed value

  • Any number greater than 0 to multiply with volume​

3. Max loss type on manager followed

  • No max loss = no max lost set
  • Money = the value of maximum lost in the subscription currency
  • Percent = the percentage of current account equity for calculating the  max lost

Manager need to set these followings

1. Performance fee

  • Percentage of success fee to be withdrawn from the follower in addition to manager

2. Join password

  • The followers must insert the password if manager choose to make the copy trade private, otherwise not needed to make it public

3. Minimum join balance

  • Minimum amount to copy the trades



  • Past returns on the CopyTrade account are not a guarantee of future profits.
  • UAGTRADE offers CopyTrade as a service and platform for managers and followers, but is in no way involved in the management of accounts.
  • UAGTRADE shall not be held responsible for any of the investment decisions made on CopyTrade accounts.