Fundamental July 2019

15th-19th July Main Economic Events

News and economic event analysis disclaimer: This fundamental report is not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest, it is educational and general information only. Don’t blindly buy and sell the markets/products discussed in this article, do your own research and be aware of the risks and rewards.

Here are some of the key economic data that will be the focus of the market this week.

Type: Chinese economic data
Time: Monday, 02.00
Quick view: The main data that will be the focus is GDP growth. Growing rates are declining with concerns over the ongoing development of US-China trade negotiations. Also jointly produced are industrial production data, retail sales data, and unemployment rates in China.

Type: New Zealand inflation data
Time: Tuesday, 22.45
Quick view: New Zealand publishes inflation data on a quarterly basis but often has a huge impact on the current market. The inflation rate slowed to 0.1% for the beginning of this quarter and is expected to jump to 0.6% for the second quarter.

Type: Minutes of the Australian Central Bank Meeting
Time: Tuesday, 01.30
Quick view: Reserve Bank of Australia will issue minutes of Jun’s meeting after interest rates are lowered to the lowest level in history. Investors will evaluate any changes and information in more detail for an overview of future policies.

Type: UK Job Data Reports
Time: Tuesday, 08.30
Quick view: An important component of the report will be on the average income index as well as the unemployment rate where the market expects permanent figures such as previous reading.

Type: European Trading Balance Data
Time: Tuesday, 09.00
Quick view: Potential data reading is supported by positive trade data in Germany and France. Also jointly released is Germany’s economic sentiment data ZEW survey.

Type: United States Retail Sales Data
Time: Tuesdays, 12.30
Quick view: Users are actively active in May with increased sales volumes with core sales also increased. The increase in June is likely to be more modest than in May.

Type: UK Inflation Data
Time: Wednesday, 08.30
Quick view: The consumer price index in Britain is still stable at 0.2% adhering to central bank targets. The central bank will adjust the action based on current Brexit development.

Type: European Zone Inflation Data
Time: Wednesday, 09.00 pm
Quick view: The final reading for inflation in the European zone is expected to remain at 1.2% while core readings also remain at 1.1%. Readings were also supported by rising inflation in Germany and France.

Type: Canadian Inflation Data
Time: Wednesday, 12.30 pm
Quick view: The market expects inflation rates to decline based on a downward reading on the Canadian PMI IVEY survey price component.

Type: Australian Job Data Reports
Time: Thursday, 01.30 am
Quick view: The labor market is seen to be at a good level but the central bank is unpalatable with a high unemployment rate reading at 5.2%. The rate of increase in employment may be affected by a decline in manufacturing and service outlook in Australia.

Type: UK Retail Sales Data
Time: Thursday, 08.30 pm
Quick view: Data reading is still at its lowest level for May and is expected to remain low for June reading following a drop in consumer confidence data in Britain.

Type: Canadian Retail Sales Data
Time: Friday, 12.30 pm
Quick view: The market sees increased reading data following a sharp rise in Canadian wholesale sales released late last month.

Type: Consumer Confidence Data in the United States
Time: Friday, 14.00 pm
Quick view: US-based consumer sentiment indicators surveyed by the University of Michigan hover over the months, registering at 98.2 for June. The preliminary reading for July is expected to record reading at the surrounding level.

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