USD 20-24 May Fundamental Report

News and economic event analysis disclaimer: This fundamental report is not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest, it is educational and general information only. Don’t blindly buy and sell the markets/products discussed in this article, do your own research and be aware of the risks and rewards.

Quick View: Dovish

  • US Central Bank, Federal Reserve decide to maintain its rate at 2.50%.
  • Next FOMC meeting and discussion would be hold on 20th June 2019.
  • Central bank’s main focuses would be on CPI (inflation), unemployment rate, GDP (growth of economy).
  • FED stated that inflation is weak even though the economic growth increases at stable rate  with strong labor stats.

Main Economics Data of FED

  • US unemployment rate decreased from 3.6% in April 2019 from 3.8% as in May 2019 the previous month.
  • US economy has seen an increase about 3.2% in Q1 of 2019, outperformed 2%-2.2% in previous quarter.
  • Yearly inflation rate increased to 2% in April 2019 from 1.9% in previous month, but only to be under expected rate at 2.1%, which is the highest rate since last year’s November.

Expected Bias: USD Bullish

  • Overall economical data for FED will be getting better.
  • Market is in risk on mode will resulted to demand for USD.
  • Inflation rate for April increases.

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