Fundamental August 2019

26th-30th August Main Economic Events

News and economic event analysis disclaimer: This fundamental report is not advice or a recommendation to trade or invest, it is educational and general information only. Do not blindly buy and sell the markets/products discussed in this article, do your own research and be aware of the risks and rewards.

Here are some of the key economic data that will be the focus of the market this week.

Type: German Business IFO Survey Data
Time: Mon, 8.00am
Quick view: As a leading indicator of economic health, business survey data in Germany is expected to decline for August reading due to weaknesses in ZEW surveys and declining industrial production in the European zone.

Type: US Durable Goods Order Data
Time: Monday, 12:30 pm
Quick view: Data representing these investments are among the FED’s and are also relevant in the country’s GDP calculations. In June data readings increased along with core reading. The market is expecting a modest decline in July, for the first month of the third quarter of 2019.

Type: US Consumer Confidence Data
Time: Tuesday, 2 pm
Quick view: Consumer confidence surveys data in the United States rose in July following weak reading in June. However, reading for August is expected to return slightly.

Type: German Unemployment Rate
Time: Thursday, 7.55 am
Quick view: The unemployment rate is expected to rise in Germany following the reading of manufacturing PMI recording a decline in the labor sector. Investors are still seeing weak growth in Europe’s largest economic activity that could lead to the risk of a downturn.

Type: Preliminary Readings of US GDP
Time: Thursday, 12:30 pm
Quick view: The US economy for the second quarter looks to be improving with the growth of 2.1% on an annualized basis. This second reading will determine the momentum of the consolidation, and in turn, impact the FED’s decision at the policy meeting.

Type: Data Inflation and Unemployment in the European Zone
Time: Friday, 9:00 am
Quick view: The consumer price index does not show a significant change following European central bank expectations to lower interest rates. While the unemployment rate in the European Zone is expected to remain at an earlier rate but will be affected by the recent unemployment rate in Germany.

Type: Canadian GDP Growth Data
Time: Friday, 12:30 pm
Quick view: Canada will publish monthly GDP readings but this June reading will reflect growth for the second quarter of this year. Economic growth in recent months has been positive with moderate growth after growing 0.2% in May.

Type: Personal Spending Data in the United States
Time: Friday, 12:30 pm
Quick view: This data reading is a guide for the FED to measure inflation and use a different formula than the consumer price index (CPI). Readings for July are expected to increase along with core readings, which have previously remained at 0.2% for three consecutive months.

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